Children's Valentine Party Boxes

Adults have lots of great parties that they make things for, but once a year in February our kids get a chance to use their imaginations to create their Valentine's box. Last year my children and I created boxes for their Valentine's parties at school. My oldest decided she wanted an iPod box and my youngest wanted a princess robot (yes, even her robots have to be princesses). We used shiny wrapping paper left over from Christmas. You can see the snowflakes in the paper, but they didn't care, it was shiny!

I have also included pictures of the Spongebob Squarepants box we created a couple of years ago. It was a huge favorite in the classroom!

The iPod
(cereal box)
These photos are from after it's trip to school so we are missing a couple apps. ;)
I customized each app picture by adding hearts or "love" to add to the theme.
The Fairy Princess Robot
(Small box, square tissue box, toilet paper rolls, dixie cup feet)
Although a little top-heavy, she stood great.
Notice the earrings. ;)
Spongebob Squarepants
(This is just one odd-shaped box I had from a chip and dip holder I ordered. I'm sure the same look could be duplicated with two boxes.)
Parties have no age. Valentine's parties at school are just as important as Super Bowl parties to our little ones. Enjoy some time with you kiddos and create a masterpiece together. We have been brainstorming for this year for a while and I think we have finally made our choices. I better go, it's time to start creating!

Happy early Valentine's Day!

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