Budget Rustic Outdoor Wedding

I LOVE the outdoors... 
I LOVE saving money...
I LOVE rustic decor... 
I LOVE weddings... 
This wedding was SO. MUCH. FUN!
The bride for this wedding knew one thing for sure; she wanted married in front of a mulberry tree that she loved. It was my job to make that happen and make it look good. The only problem was a half dead tree with strange live spouts right where the ceremony needed to take place. Solution? Trim off the spouts and have a perfect structure to build a twig arbor, and that’s what we did! 
With a small budget we used things that were already on hand or easily accessible to create her dream wedding in the woods.
Things used in the pictures below… twigs, twine, logs, mason jars, tulle, pea gravel, water, wildflowers, a few artificial flowers, rugs, chairs. The bride already had the tulle, twine, mason jars, rugs and chairs. We purchased a bag of pea gravel for around $3 and that was it! Everything else was provided by nature. That’s what I call inexpensive charm and beauty.

Did I mention we made a homemade twig arbor?! 
Keep scrolling, I think you will like what you see.

Chairs and aisle

Center aisle defined by upright logs with mason jars and tulle

view from the back of the aisle

another view from the back of the aisle

Walking down the aisle!

Side view of the arbor

Mason jars filled with pea gravel,
water and wildflowers

Another look at the mason jars.
They simply sat on the tulle to hold it in place.

Ahhh our homemade twig arbor. I love this thing so much!

Logs added at the bottom of the arbor for
looks and stability.

As I mentioned I had so much fun creating this serene setting with the woods as a backdrop. It is hard to compete with the beauty of nature.

Congratulations to both the bride and groom!
Thank you for letting me make your day a little brighter.

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