About Handcrafted Occasions

Tara Gordon Handcrafted Occasions Rayla Hale Photography
Photo by Rayla Hale Photography
A career change in 2021 offered owner, Tara Gordon, a unique opportunity to start over. After years in the office with corporate work and special events in higher education, she was excited about a change. Keeping her faith and family in mind, Tara decided to start a business out of her home that would allow her to use her creativity while being present for her children and contributing more time to God. With that, custom cookie design was added to Handcrafted Occasions. 

We care about taste and freshness!
We've experienced dry and crispy cookies and we pride ourselves on cookies that taste fantastic as well as look great. If you're not pleased with your cookies, please let us know. We will stand by our products. You will find our cookies to be both fresh and delicious.

We care about your event!
Handcrafted Occasions has planned events for years and we still offer event planning in a limited capacity. Therefore, we understand that you want your event to be special and unique. We keep this in mind as we prepare your custom cookies with detail and precision. 

We care about you!
Every day Tara's goal is to live a meaningful life for God. She understands that life is a constantly evolving journey and we need to continually care for one another. She prays over every order and the customers that help bless her business. She appreciates every opportunity to do what she loves while helping others.