A "The Band Perry" Birthday Party!

So, you have a child that wants to have a theme birthday party?
That's great!
What if the theme they want doesn't really exist?
That's your chance to get creative!

A 7 year old little lady loves The Band Perry! She knows all of their songs, has went to their concert, and even got to meet them. So of course she wanted a birthday decked out with everything TBP. However, you can't just go to the nearest party supply store and buy TBP decorations so we personalized everything with a little bit of computer work and printing. Check it out!

3 small cakes (all different flavors to please the guests) held the initials TBP (Styrofoam glitter letters were purchased at a local Meijer store).

The party was held in a garage so we had to bring the country indoors.
This is how we did it...
We placed straw bales in a circle around a fake fire pot (bought during Halloween) surrounded by cut sycamore logs. To the left of the fridge in the background we draped dollar store plastic table clothes as a back drop for karaoke later (with The Band Perry songs of course). TBP music was also playing lightly throughout the party as background music. The kids LOVED it!

To cover a large section of plain white wall behind the food table we gathered one end of a plastic table cloth from the dollar store and taped it to the wall and fanned it out. We brought TBP decorations in by creating a custom banner with their faces and the name of the birthday girl. These pennants were created on a word processing program, printed and cut. We attached them to a purple ribbon with a stapler.
So simple and cute! Here is another one we made...

There were no TBP pinatas in our search for decorations so... we bought a Hannah Montana guitar pinata at our local Party City. Then we printed a picture of the party girl with TBP and placed it over the Hannah Montana logo (sorry Hannah lol). It turned out great!

We used the same technique for the party blowers...

We encouraged the guests to wear country apparel and they did not disappoint. The kids had an amazing time and better yet our TBP fan was very satisfied with her "theme" party! Success!

We love to hear from you...
What do you think of this country music party?
Did you see any decorations that spark an idea?
Have you created a similar party?
Please share!

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