A Casual Graduation/18th Birthday Garage Party.

I wanted to share pictures of this graduation party that I assisted parents in organizing... 
We were rushed, but the end result turned out great. 
The parents received many compliments including, 
"This was the best party we have been to this year!".
No one had any idea that it was thrown together in 2 days.
Most of these pictures were taken before the decorating was complete (and from my phone) so I apologize that I do not have better photos for you to view. There was just no time to spare. The following will give you an idea of how it turned out.
I didn't get pictures of the tent and mini lights outside either. :(
I'm still learning so you get to enjoy the good and the bad with me.

Although the sign that was hanging above the buffet line was not handcrafted or one of a kind, 
the pom poms hanging around it were. 
They are made from newspaper, hot glue, masking tape, ribbon and tissue paper. 
(I think a tutorial might be in order soon. Once I publish it I will post a link here.) 
The banners that you see on the wall are an easy classic for me at casual parties.
I either use a stapler to staple the paper printouts to ribbon or sew them together with a sewing machine. 
Super quick, easy, and CHEAP for a customized look.

The table under the pennant banners was the dessert table with white mini lights under a white linen. To the right of the dessert table was a round punch table. It's not easy to see in this photo and the bowl was not up yet, but it looked beautiful beside the dessert table.
Above is the gift table. Not much decorating to do here, 
it was soon filled with gifts and the box filled with cards.
Don't mind the Gatorade still sitting on the table... must stay hydrated! :) 

A little better view of the garage pre-party. The centerpieces were mason jars filled with fresh cut flowers mixed with the wildflower Queen Anne's Lace that we picked that morning.
The white mini lights hanging overhead lowered the tall ceiling for a more comfortable feel and added great atmosphere later in the evening.
It's not easy to transition a "man's space" into a girls graduation party, 
but it can be done (and done quickly).

Have you attended any graduation parties lately?
What did you think of this one and how did they compare.
I always love to hear your ideas and suggestions, please comment below!  

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