Baseball Cake

I love being a baseball mom. This year my husband and I had the opportunity to coach my daughter’s tee ball team and it was so much fun! We enjoyed laughing with the kids and had fun teaching them about the sport. Sadly, our season has come to an end. We decided to have a picnic to celebrate our season… any reason to have a party! I made this cute little cake for the occasion. Just two round cake pans and I had a baseball and grass. 

I used whipped icing so I didn't even waste my time trying to smooth the icing, the kids didn't care anyway. :) 
(Reminder: I am not a professional baker by any means, but I love making cakes from time to time!)

Unfortunately this story has a somewhat tragic ending... 
On the way to the picnic the cake got way too hot. One side of the cake's icing had almost entirely melted off! I rubbed the icing back on with a spatula, turned the best end towards the crowd, and shared a picture on my phone of what the cake used to look like. :(

Back to good news, no one cared! 
Everyone still thought it was great and the taste is all that matters anyway.

Goodbye until next year baseball!

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