10 Reasons To Hire an Event Planner for Your Next Event

More and more people are turning to the help of event planners to organize and execute their events. This is no longer an extravagant resource meant only for the elite. Many “common” people are learning that an event planner or coordinator cannot only help them, but may actually save them money in the long run. Here are a few reasons why hiring a planner is a good idea.

  1. Save Money:  Do you know the least expensive venues, rental companies, and caterers in your area without compromising service or integrity? Sure you can book the cheapest vendor on your call list, but will you receive the service you are looking for or just empty promises? Planners know vendors and their capabilities trust their expertise to save you money without having regrets.
  2. Save Time:  Have you ever thought, "If I just had a little more time!"? A planner can do most of the "dirty work" for you. This will leave more time for you to do the things you enjoy.
  3. Benefit from their knowledge:  Questions about proper etiquette and unusual situations are a little less difficult when you have a resource a call, text or email away. Why wouldn't you take advantage of that? 
  4. Capitalize on our contacts and resources:  Whether it is scheduled meetings or last minute "emergency" phone calls, your planner will know who to contact to suite your needs. Need an item for your event that you cannot find anywhere? Not a problem let your planner use their resources to get you what you need.
  5. Stress-free troubleshooting:  As much as you plan ahead and think of every little detail inevitably there will be a "hiccup" or "bump in the road". No to worry (if you have a planner). Chances are (unless it is major) you will not even know about the problem until after the wedding and all will seem smooth to you and your guests.
  6. Budgeting:  Planners work within your budget to give you an event you can be proud of. Having someone look after the budget for you is a huge stress reliever during the planning process.
  7. Creativity and experience:  Most planners have a creative side that they love to explore. They have viewed decorations and inspiration that you may not have ever seen. They could bring a new idea to the table that you would never have imagined.  
  8. Timeline creation and management:  It is hard to create a timeline when you are not sure what should come first or what to expect next. A planner will make sure you are on track to have things done in a timely (stress-free) manor.
  9. Mediator: Unfortunately sometimes this is a must. Whether it be with family member, vendors, or any other contact along the way. Not everyone will always see eye to eye. Having someone to speak your desires on your behalf without the hassle of disagreements is priceless.  
  10. The Unknowns:  Anything new is full of unknowns including planning a wedding or event for the first time. It is a comfort to know that you have someone that has been there and not only knows what to expect, but is already planning for it.
All in all, planners are an extension of you. They are your extra hand and your extra hour when you need it the most. If you could hire a best friend that would be there for you and help you out, it would be a planner.

Still think you can’t afford a planner? Here’s the good news, you can hire a planner to help you with any aspect of your event. If you have a handle on most things, but would like a little help in just one or two areas, that can be done. Their services can be broken down into manageable prices to fit your needs. The more services you require the higher the price, but most of the time they are well worth the cost. Be sure the contract clearly states exactly what the planner will be responsible for so it is clear to everyone.

Lastly, but most important, be sure your planner is a good fit for you. Never hire a planner before you and your fiance meet with them in person. If your personalities work well together, go for it! It just may be the best decision you make when planning your wedding or event.

Best of luck! Feel free to ask questions or share your experiences in the comment section below.

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