Graduation Party Themes and Ideas

Do you have a son or daughter graduating from high school this year? Now is the time to start planning their graduation party. Not only is a graduation party a time to celebrate the completion of high school, but a time to celebrate their entire school career and anticipate their next stages in life.

Your first stop is a theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

High School Theme: Choose the colors and mascot of their high school to decorate their big day. 

College: If your child is attending college and they know where they will be headed you could use their college colors and mascot as your inspiration.

Crossover Theme: Why not decorate the party with half high school and half college. An imaginary line down the room will separate your decorations and provide a fun atmosphere party for your graduate.

Hobby/Sport Theme: Was you child a standout basketball player or track runner? Why not celebrate that with a theme inspired by their sport or hobby?

Favorite Color or Design: Do you have a zebra print and bright pink kind of gal or a diamond plate and bright green kind of guy? Let them have fun with the party theme and let it be a true reflection of their personality. Your guests will appreciate a fun environment without the usual or expected decorations.

Get creative: Think traditional graduation parties are boring? Try a theme of your own. Here are some examples, these could even be inspired by the school mascot, cowboy, nautical, rustic, beach, picnic, Hollywood, casino, or a decade party (60’s and 80’s are very popular). I could go on and on, but you get the idea. 

The most important thing to remember is, there are no rules for a graduation party. It should reflect the personality of your graduate and it should be inviting and enjoyed by your guests.

Feel free to share any ideas in our comment section below.

Happy partying!


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