Pinterest Post of the Week: Handmade Flowers

Here it is my first 'Pinterest Post of the Week'! 

I’m so excited to start doing this every week! I love pinterest and I love to share fabulous finds. I recently created a pinterest board for Handcrafted Occasions, please follow it. I am trying to increase my pins on there so you have a great resource.

Without further ado, this week I am going to focus on handmade flowers on my Wedding DIY board. It is becoming increasingly popular to make flowers for your wedding. They are made out of all sorts of material, as you will see.  Whether they are for your bouquet, centerpieces or hair they are beautiful and clever and I don’t see this trend leaving anytime soon. Better yet you can find uses for them for years to come or sell them to another lucky bride after your wedding.

Click on any photo to go directly to the pin on my board! Also some pins have more DIY flowers in their links... bonus!

Next week's "Pinterest Post of the Week": Wishing Trees

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