DIY Wedding Decorating Tips Straight From Your Backyard

Photo: The Gardener's Eden
Are you currently planning a rustic, fall or winter wedding? If so, there are a few things you need to do before spring has fully sprung to save you some cash and add beautiful décor to your wedding day.

Ornamental Grasses: Do you know anyone that has ornamental grass in their yard? Have you ever noticed how it dries out and turns a lovely fall wheat color? That grass is great to use in place of more expensive wheat for your centerpieces, décor and bouquets. Why not ask your relative, neighbor, or local landscaping company if you can have the trimmings from their grass? You could even offer to trim it for them. After all, it’s free!
Twigs: Take a pair of hedge trimmers or a small saw and go for a excursion in the woods (or even your own backyard if you have trees and/or bushes). Pick out the perfect branches and twigs to accent your special day. Forsythia bushes that are slightly over grown provide nice straight twigs for adding as a spray to your floral arrangements (act quickly, they bloom early). Lilac and magnolia bushes and trees have great short twigs that are very full to use in a mason jar or a larger branch could act as your wishing tree. These varieties also bloom in early spring so don’t wait too long.
Logs: Much like twigs small logs can be used in a variety of ways. They can hold your escort cards or be the base for your centerpiece. Once the spring leaves start to bloom it may be more difficult to find the perfect pieces.
Leaves/Pine Cones: It may sound silly to get leaves now, but if you are having your wedding in early fall, but you prefer the dried out leaves of later fall grab them now. Find leaves that are to your liking, lay them out to dry, then store them in a box or sturdy container until your wedding. If you are having a rustic winter wedding grab some pine cones while on your walk.
Plants/berries: Just as ornamental grasses age well, so do some plants. If you can find Hydrangeas that survived nicely through the winter they are great for fall weddings. Sedum spectabiles also have a great dried look. Berries, such as holly, are great to snatch up now too. Usually used for winter weddings you will want to get them now and dry them properly so they will be ready for your big day.
Drying tips: Hang small bundles of branches upside down from a nail or a hook. It is best to dry them in a low humidity and low light room. This will optimize drying and prevent berries from bleaching in the sunlight. 

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