DIY Softball Snack Bags

Easy, healthy, fun DIY sports snack bags!

It's that time of year! Hot days, sweaty shirts, muddy cleats and smelly bat bags... it's baseball and softball season! It's also time for moms and dads to take their turn bringing the team their much deserved snack bag. If you are like me and watch your child's junk food intake you worry you will be the boring, healthy treat mom. Well, have no fear there are many ways to add some fun to an otherwise dull snack. Here is a snack bag I did for my daughter's softball team this year. This could also be done with white bags for baseball or orange for basketball.

This 25 count of plastic bags and twist ties was only $2.99 at Party City. Add a few red Sharpie marks and you have a softball.
Contents: Raisins, Clementine Orange, GoGo Squeez
Insert: A little piece of paper that amazingly makes the snacks a little less dull.
Add it all together and you have a cute little softball bag with healthy treats!
Don't tell, but I added 2 little Hershey's Kisses to each bag for a little surprise.
That's it. Super easy. Super healthy (besides the kisses).
I could have also added...
Mints - "We were MINT to be on the same team".
Bananas - "We're BANANAS for softball".
You get the idea.
Have fun!

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