A Trip to Roscoe Village on the Ohio Erie Canal

I can’t help it. 

It’s a curse really. 

Everywhere I look, not only do I behold the beauty that is present, but what could be added to the beauty to create something unimaginable. Recently I went on a field trip to Historic Roscoe Village with my third-grade daughter. I love history, nature and antiques so I was in awe of most of the sights. I had been there as a child myself, but had not clearly remembered all that they had to offer. 

After walking through the village we took a short walk to a near-by park. On our walk we got to see parts of the old Ohio Erie Canal. I appreciate the aged, majestic sandstone and its beauty. To top it off a beautiful bridge has been built as it's backdrop. Simply charming. For just a moment pretend there are no children in these pictures (although they are lovely) and enjoy the sights.

I'm not sure if weddings are permitted here or not, but I would be happy to find out if someone was interested. This would be such a lovely location for a small, outdoor ceremony. Not to mention gorgeous wedding photos!

Never been to Historic Roscoe Village. I urge you to make the trip! 
(I'm getting no compensation for endorsements.)

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