Handmade Option for Save the Date Cards (Cheap and Simple)

If you don't mind a little DIY to save some money this may be the perfect idea for you.
For my wedding years ago I made my own save the date cards for very cheap. I wanted something different with a vintage or rustic look, but found nothing I liked within my budget. I thought I would share my idea with you in hopes of saving you a little cash and frustration. Please comment at the end of this post if you like what you see or share an idea of your own. 

What you will need:
4x6 plain index cards (each card will make two save the dates)
a roll of magnet strips with self adhesive on the back
vellum paper (8.5 x 11 in you will cut to size later)
ribbon of your choice
hole punch
paint (I used the DecoArt Americana acrylic paint color Burnt Umber - pictured below)
Viva paper towels
computer and printer
clear address labels (optional)

A closer look at the paint I used

A closer look at the 4x6 index cards
1. Tear the card. First take a 4x6 index card and neatly fold it in half. Press firmly on the seam then unfold and tear along the seam. It is ok if the tear is not perfect, it will give it a more rustic look. You will want the jagged edge facing outward for the rustic look. Repeat until you have the number of cards you need (make a few extra for testing and mistakes).

2. Prepare the paint. Mix the paint with water (sounds crazy I know, but trust me). I'm not sure of the exact measurement and it is not a science anyway. You will have to test it on some of the cards. If you want a darker look add more paint, lighter add more water.

3. Paint the cards. I wanted a rustic look so I crunched up a Viva brand paper towel, dipped it into the paint mixure, then dapped it onto the card. It turned out great. Remember, no two cards have to look alike, people will only receive one, they will have nothing to compare it to. Don't fret over the small things, it gives it character! :)

Hint: for a more weathered look you can flick water onto the card using an old toothbrush or flipping water from your fingers after the paint is dry.
(The various stages of the card are shown below, but do not hole punch yet.)

4. Create your vellum overlay. I used Microsoft Word to create a label sheet with squares slightly smaller than my 4x3 cards. I then typed in the text I wanted, printed them and cut them.
(Although the picture below is hole punched do not do this yet.)

5. Punch holes. Line up your vellum overlay with your card, then hole punch. This way the holes will line up correctly.

6. That's a wrap. Tie a ribbon of your choice through the holes.

7. Magnetize! Cut a strip of magnet, remove backing and stick it to the back of the card.
8. (Optional if you have a wedding website) Consider printing your website information on a clear label and sticking it to the back of the save the date as well.

THAT'S IT! With a little work and very little money you too can have cute save the date cards that you can be proud of! I hope this post was helpful. I look forward to hearing your comments and answering any questions.

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