Rustic Wooden Wire Spool Cake Table

One of my most recent brides was able to snag a wooden wire spool, for her cake table, from a local home improvement store. It gave us just the look we were going for. Consider this for an upcoming rustic wedding on a budget.
On the bottom rim of the spool we stood small logs, cut to different lengths, on end and added lots of glass votive candles on and around them, it was beautiful.
(Unfortunately I did not get a shot of the entire spool once the logs and candles were in place.) 

Add log slices and you have the perfect rustic cake stand!
The stacked log slices in the back held the cake and the two up front
held two other desserts (apple crisp and cherry cobbler) once the cake was cut.
It was a great night and the cake (and couple) looked amazing!

Photo: Creativedge Photography


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