15 Things to do Once You Get Engaged

15 Things to do Once You Get Engaged by Handcrafted OccasionsSo, you’re engaged… congratulations! Now what?!
Don’t worry; we have compiled a comprehensive list to help you through the next few weeks.
Tell the parents.
Be sure your parents are the first to know and have a chance to congratulate you. Of course, the bride’s parents may already be expecting the announcement if the groom-to-be asked their permission. Take the time to spend the evening with them when you announce and talk to them about any ideas you may already have. Making them feel special and included will help start your engagement off right. Also, ask your parents to keep your secret until you announce to those closest to you.

V.I.P. Announcements.
Get in the car or pick up the phone and tell everyone that should hear it from you personally. Do not change your facebook status before telling your sibling or your best friend since 3rd grade, that will not go over well.

Relax and bask in the moment.
Do not feel an immediate rush to start planning right away (I know this is easier said than done sometimes), but please trust me on this one. I suggest scheduling a manicure and/or a hand treatment during this time. Not only will it help you relax, but you will be having A LOT of people looking at your hand for a while. I also suggest planning a night out with your fiancé to celebrate together. During this time do not talk about the wedding unless he brings it up. Chances are he spent a lot time and money to make the engagement happen, make it worth his while. Complement his approach, taste or anything else that he did well. Most of all, tell him you love him and that you are excited for this journey together. Just enjoy one another!

Don’t forget about the ring.
Get insurance for your ring, if your new fiancé has not done so already. Also, get it sized during this time if necessary.

Perfect your proposal story.
Details, details, details. Most females (perhaps some males) will want to know every detail of the proposal. You will tell this story over and over again, so be sure it’s one you like. Not every proposal is perfect, but that is what makes every story unique.

Create a canned response.
If you will be asked once, you will be asked a hundred times, “when are you getting married?” It’s ok not to know just yet; in fact it is perfectly acceptable. Most people ask because it is their canned response to your engagement. Create a response that will give them some idea of your timeline. “We are thinking about getting married (say a year, season, or month)”. Most will be happy with that response.

Shout it from the rooftops.
Change your social media statuses (we know it’s been killing you). Tell everyone that asks, or that don’t. Enjoy this time and brag a little, it’s perfectly acceptable to do so, in moderation. During this time create a wedding website or blog and start registering for gifts (It’s not too early for this, some people may want to get you an engagement present.)

Party time.
If you are planning on having an engagement party now is the time. Be sure you have a gift registry started before your party!

Planning Prep.
Create a planning binder, calendar, or checklist that will help you through the planning process. Your wedding website will help you with this as well. Don’t forget to create a board on pinterest for everything wedding and grab up a few bridal magazines for inspiration. If you are already overwhelmed consider contacting a wedding planner like Handcrafted Occasions to help you through the process.

Who’s who.
Create a rough draft of your guest list. I suggest asking your parents first. Have them help you create a list of necessary people that they would not want to leave out. Then build out your list from there by adding extended family members, friends and coworkers if you wish. You will need to know an approximate number of guests before you look into venues and/or caterers. Now is a great time to consider who you would like to have in your wedding party as well.

Money, money, money, money.
Set a budget and start saving. If you have a wedding planner they will be able to help you set your budget and provide estimated costs. Talk to your parents to see what they will be contributing if they have offered to help.

If you have not done so already, consider hiring a wedding planning professional to help you through your planning process. Click here for our article “10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner”.

Say Cheese.
Set up a professional engagement photo session. You might use these photos for your save the dates, your newspaper announcement or just for the memories. You will never have this moment back so it is great to capture it while it is here. Plus many photographers will give you a good deal on a package that includes your engagement photos and your wedding photos.

Book them quickly… Venue, Photographer, DJ/Band and Officiant. The people/items I listed go quickly because they can only do one wedding at a time. Also, the availability of a venue could determine the date of your event. Your wedding planner can help you through this process or take over for you, whichever you have agreed upon.

Why not shop for the dress now? It’s an exciting part and an expense you can get out of the way quickly if you are on a budget.

There you have it. Now you know where to start, so there is no need to fret. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Handcrafted Occasions please contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions for you.

Happy engagement!

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