Bridal Show Fashion Bonus!

Just about a week and a half ago a local venue hosted an annual bridal show in our area. Talk about wedding planning heaven! There is so much to see, do, touch and taste, it’s a utopia for a bride’s senses. I had the pleasure of walking around with two of my current brides-to-be, which is always a great experience. 

However, this year I had the pleasure of a bonus gig. My daughters and I were in the fashion show for a local bridal boutique. This was a huge deal for my girls who are ages eight and five. I was worried they would freeze on stage, but they did amazing! They made this momma very proud. Everyone cheered for them every time they hit the stage and my oldest even pointed and winked at her dad at the end of the runway!

Ready for the show!
I could not mention this day without mentioning the special someone that made our hair so beautiful for this special occasion. Sam Brotherton, a local traveling hairstylist and owner of Glamour to Go, came and styled our hair beautifully for the event. If you are local to the Central Ohio area and you are looking for a stylist for a wedding or prom I recommend contacting Sam at Glamour to Go! Contact us to get in touch with her today. She made my girls feel like princesses and for that I could never thank her enough.
Getting all dolled up by Glamour To Go owner, Sam.

Hair... check. Now to get dressed.

A long, curly down hairstyle for the show.

What a great experience to share with my children. 
If you liked any of the dresses please visit Boutique 21 in Newark, Ohio.

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