How to Say, "I Don't Want Your Kids at my Reception."

Every wedding and every couple is different, that is what makes each wedding so unique and fun. While some couples choose family friendly weddings others prefer an adult only affair. So just how do you tell your guests you do not want them to bring their children? There are a few different ways which I will include below, but remember one of the very best ways is by word of mouth. After all, your great aunt Ester needs something to talk about!

Besides word of mouth here are a couple other ideas to keep in mind.

First, the invitation envelope: List only the parents’ names on the invitations. Do not include the words "and Family".

Secondly, take care in writing your RSVP card: Provide a number that your respondents have to circle (only a 1 or 2) instead of allowing them to fill in the number of attendees. (example below) If they still choose to write the number somewhere on the RSVP you then have the choice of calling them to discuss it further. Most people will understand that their are only 2 people invited from their household. Also, if you addressed the outside envelope to Mr. and Mrs. they will know that they are the ones invited.

Both of the above choices should be enough to discourage your guests from bringing their children.
Lastly, but not recommended, the invite: Although it is faux pas and I wouldn’t recommend it, you could also indicate on the invite that the reception is an adult only event if you are adamant about not having children present. (example below)

Best of luck and remember they are your guests so treat them well. You do not want to offend them before they even make it to your special day.

Do you have ideas on how to discourage guests from bringing their children? If so, please share them in the comment section below.

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