Chalkboard Designs for Wedding and Home Use

Everywhere you look there are chalkboard drawings and paintings. You can find them on mugs, memo cards, small signs, and most certainly at weddings. In 2014 I made a chalkboard sign for one of my clients and it has become a staple option for the weddings I design. I'll also tell you a little secret... Promise not to rat me out?... When it's not in use at a wedding, it's in use in my home! It hangs in my dining room and adds the perfect personal touch to our home. Enough with the chatter. Lets look at a few ways I have used this chalkboard.

At use in the wedding I built it for.
It was very beautiful with all of the names listed, but I blurred the names in the photo to protect their privacy.
Wedding Program Chalkboard by Handcrafted Occasions

At use during another wedding later that year.
Wedding Seating Chalkboard by Handcrafted Occasions

Then at use in my dining room!
This was my first ever attempt, but still a nice personal touch in our home.
Don't mind all the smiley little girls, it was slumber party craft time!
Family Chalkboard by Handcrafted Occasions

Finally, my personal favorite!
This is how the chalkboard currently looks. Ready to last all winter with a whitetail deer sketch. Let it snow!
Winter Chalkboard by Handcrafted Occasions

I hope you enjoyed the chalkboard sign and it's designs. It's becoming addicting. I'm already trying to decide how it will look next.
Please feel free to share your comments and designs I would love to see them!

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