Raccoon Valentine's Box

If you're like me you LOVE making Valentine boxes with your kids! No, seriously, I really do love it. We get our creative 'juices' flowing and spend quality time assembling our masterpieces (well, they are masterpieces in our minds). We enjoy being the ones that show up with something new and original. I'd love to tell you that our little raccoon friend below is original, but I would be lying, and we can't have that. Our lil' friend was inspired by Kimberley Morris at Procrastistamper (you must click her link and check out the face we fell in love with, he's quite dashing). We didn't use any handy tools (although I'm sure it would have made our job much easier), we were not making a notebook, and our lil' critter did not turn out as good as her lil' critter, but we loved her sweet forest friend and simply had to make our own Valentine box version. 

Below is our finished product. Take a look at that lil' ham in action! He was showing off for all of the third graders as they walked passed. They were falling all over him! They all kept walking over to see him! They couldn't resist his handsome face. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating and they had to walk over to put cards into him, but I really think they liked him too. ;)

Raccoon Valentine Box by Handcrafted Occasions

If you're curious we painted poster board and covered a cereal box to create our raccoon. His base was made from foam board and he was holding a glitter heart cut out of red glitter paper.

We did not use great detail on our lil' friend, but we enjoyed every minute of making him together.

Happy Valentine box making!!

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